Priority Sector and Priority Occupations

  • RMG & Textile
  • ICT
  • Light Engineering
  • Agro Processing
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Leather & Footwear
  • Ship Building
  • Healthcare

Criteria for Eligible Organizations (Funding Channel)

Funds may be channelized through the following institutions:

  1. Public Sector Training Providers.
  2. NGO and Private Training Organizations
    – Government Sponsored Organizations
    – Other NGOs and Private Sector Training Providers
  3. Research Grant
  4. Industry Skills Councils.

Proposal Format and Submission Instruction

The potential applicants should obtain softcopy of the proposal application forms from the website of the NHRDF. The applicants then will fill up the forms electronically, attach supporting documents, and submit their application through email. In case, the submission via email is not possible, proposals may be sent to the NHRDF by hard copy within the stipulated time.

Proposal Screening and Selection Process

Pre-Evaluation Process

  • A screening Team will conduct pre-evaluation screening
  • The Team will conduct a Due Diligence of the proposal
  • The NHRDF will deal with the applications of funding from organizations with due diligence.

The conducting of this exercise will involve two major steps:

  • Verification of Information
  • Capacity Assessment for Carrying Out the Proposed Activities

Final Evaluation (for Selection and Approval)

  • A Selection Team will Finally Evaluate the Application
  • Applicant’s Financial Management Capability will be Assessed

Application Selection, Approval & Award

Finally, the proposal will be placed before the Board of Directors of NHRDF. NHRDF Board of Directors will be the final authority to approve the proposal. If the Board decides to approve the application, the Fund Disbursement Branch will inform the applicant about the award of fund from the NHRDF and will begin processing the administrative works in relation to contract signing.

Disbursement Method and Disbursement Milestones

Bank Accounts
The applicants will be required to operate a separate bank account for the transaction of fund from the NHRDF for the purpose of tracking.

Processing Disbursement Request
The applicants will submit a disbursement request as per the milestones agreed in the project contract. The applicant will submit a disbursement request for each installment along with a statement of milestone claim and all other relevant supporting documents.

Milestones For Disbursement
The Funding and Disbursement of funds shall be linked with achievements of milestones. In this respect, the parameters that may be followed shall be determined by the board depending upon the varied forms of program. If a milestone is partially achieved, the disbursement will be adjusted accordingly. All fund recipients will be required to submit a statement of milestone claim in the prescribed format.

Agreement Closure Procedures

The closure process will begin immediately prior to the scheduled expiration or termination of the project. The fund recipient is responsible for working with a NHRDF Senior Program Officer and an M&E Officer will be assigned to prepare for closure of the funding, collecting and providing data on performance targets, expending funds in accordance with the NHRDF agreement A NHRDF representative will conduct a visit to the recipient organization approximately 01 month prior to the completion of the project. During this visit, the representative and the fund recipient will:

  1. Review the status of the project budget; i.e. to determine what funds remains, (if any);
  2. Review the project’s implementation plan to determine what, (if any), project activities remain to be completed;
  3. Develop a plan for completing the unfinished activities and achieving the project outputs;
  4. Assess the long-term sustainability of the activities;
  5. Identify the need for post-work support possible after-project support needs of the fund recipient. Based on this, the NHRDF representative will prepare a field visit report to the MD.
Dr. Md. Khairuzzaman Mozumder

Dr. Md. Khairuzzaman Mozumder


Md. Kamal Hossain

Md. Kamal Hossain

Managing Director & CEO